9 Hells in Beppu Japan

If you plan to do a trip to Japan, you may need to put in the town of Beppu in your must visit tourism site list. The town of Beppu is a town in Oita prefecture in the Island of Kyushu, Japan, which is famous for the unique hot springs with amazing visual. It is one of top three hot springs in Japan. What make it interesting is that the hot springs in Beppu are too hot to be called onsen (hot spring) because the temperature is among 50-99.5 degree Celsius (122-210 degree Fahrenheit) so they are called “nine hells of Beppu”.

What those “hells” are? Read the article below.

1.Umi Jigoku (sea hell)

One of the most beautiful ponds in Beppu, Umi Jigoku has water pond in the color of the sea. It has the depth of 120 meters with temperature of 90-degree Celsius.

2.Oniishibozu Jigoku (shaven head hell)

The name is given because the mud bubbles, which appear in the surface, look like the shaven head of Buddha monk.

3.Shiraike Jigoku (white pool hell)

As the name, this pond has water in the color of white and the water is boiling. White color of the pond is caused by excess calcium.

4.Yama Jigoku (mountain hell)

Many muds are gushing in this area and the muds become steaming little mountain of muds that surrounded by numerous little ponds.

5.Kamado Jigoku (cooking pot hell)

It is a group of boiling ponds with the statue of bright red devil plays part as the chef. In this hell, visitors could drink the hot water, enjoy the hot water on the hand and foot, inhale the hot steam, and try various snacks that boiled or steamed with hot water.

6.Oniyama Jigoku (demon mountain hell)

It has been said as home to about 100 crocodiles hell.

7.Kinryu Jigoku (golden dragon hell) 

Decorated by a dragon statue (which is not in golden color), it has steam goes out of the mouth.

8.Chinoike Jigoku (blood pond hell)

This is the most popular and the most photogenic hell among the other hells. The red color is caused by iron mineral in massive amount.

9.Tatsumaki Jigoku (waterspout hell)

Tatsumaki Jigoku is actually a boiling geyser that spout hot water to the air every 30 minutes with the height of the spout could reach up to 20 meter.

So, do you have any interest to visit those hells in the future?

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9 Hells in Beppu Japan

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