5 Best Cities in the World to Enjoy Graffiti

Are you interested in graffiti? If yes, the form of street art (some would actually put it as a part of Art World) is, in essence, part of public space. It seems no city around the world which isn’t familiar with graffiti. The form of graffiti isn’t just wild strokes pulled out without meaning at all. In most cases the graffiti reflect the main identity of the artist who was doing them. Often there is graffiti which also raised a particular message, whether it is political or just empty shouts. Whichever type of message a graffiti artist had chosen, one thing for sure: people can enjoy it in every corner of the city.

So some part of the world has the coolest collection of graffiti. From Mumbai to Jakarta, from Moscow to Paris, common people are invited to celebrate the culture of rebellion through graffiti. So let’s have a check on three cities which have the coolest collection of graffiti. Here they are:


Many people said that Lisbon (in Portugal) is built for street art tourists. So it has impact on the city’s imagination, in which people have a chance to enjoy different forms of street art including graffiti. So when you are spending time enjoying the view of Lisbon, why don’t you hunt the elusive fill-ins, stencils, wheat-pastes. It is free for you to take a few selfies with your favorite graffiti?


Many people recognize Norway as the motherland who gave a birth to second wave of black metal movement. Apart from that, some part of Oslo (in Norway) offers artistic and colorful graffiti. They remind you of what Athenians did with their city: filled up some part of city with graffiti.


In Moscow, street artists had been using graffiti to protesting against any ideology or corporation. Some of them also use graffiti for expressing their idea and self though. Apart from that, you can find colorful graffiti in some corner of Moscow which looks nice amidst of typical cold weather there.

 Los Angeles

If you’ve got any chance to visit Los Angeles (USA), Venice Broadwalk is the place you should visit. The wall of city has fulfilled with cool, colorful graffiti that soon could be your favorite.


Public road in the city of Paris is an interesting place where you can enjoy much graffiti freely. They could become an alternative to such popular tourist spot as Eiffel tower.

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5 Best Cities in the World to Enjoy Graffiti

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