4 Most Antique and Expensive Car in the World

Just like the other hobbies, the classic car also has various types that can be a good target from their collectors. These cars are hard to get. Usually, when it’s available, the price is so much expensive.
The antique car with the most expensive price on this world also has its unique factor. Start from its unique design, powerful engine and performance, and of course, it can be a good selection if we compared with the current car model.

However, the number of these classic cars are getting rare. It’s not as much as the current car design because of their spare part is not developed anymore. Most of these car designs are not having the spare part that can replace the old engine. Moreover, these cars are also expensive with the shocking price. It might defeat the most expensive new car on this world nowadays. Let’s check out several car design below. You will be amazed.

1. Oldsmobile F-88 (1954)
This car is not for sale freely. It just a concept car. Nowadays, this car is only available with five units around the world. It has an expensive price at about $US 3,5 million. Oldsmobile F-88 also has unique form factor with its cool design.

2. Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe (1931)

This most expensive antique car on this world is produced with limited edition. It’s only available with 6 units. It makes Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe predicated as the most rare classic car. The estimation of this beautiful car is about US$ 19 million.

3. Camaro ZL1 (1969)

This antique car has a masculine appearance with cool design. Camaro has been known as the popular car for the drag racer. The price estimation for this car is about US$ 13 million.

4. Ferrari 250GT Spyder (1961)

This antique car is famous because it’s driven by Hollywood actor, James Coburn. This car is produced with only 36 units. The price of this car is approximately reaching US$ 11 million.

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4 Most Antique and Expensive Car in the World

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