3 Most Beautiful Footpaths in the World

3 Most Beautiful Footpaths in the World

A footpath is a small path that used as thoroughfare or transportation route connecting one location to another that the size is commonly not as wide as the common roads. Footpath is commonly found as the path to walk on rice field area, garden, forest, or even in the numerous tourism sites. In this article, we will talk about several unique and beautiful footpaths in various places in the world. The following is 3 countries, which has the most beautiful footpath mentioned above.

1. Bamboo Footpath in Japan
Bamboo Footpath in Japan
Welcome to the country of Sakura, which the country has a beautiful footpath that called Bamboo Footpath Sagano. This place could be called as one of the most beautiful thoroughfares in the world. This footpath is located in the area of Sagano Arashiyama in Kyoto prefecture. If you want to go to the footpath, it requires about 25 minutes from Kyoto city center.

2. Footpath at Plitvice Lake, Croatia
Footpath at Plitvice Lake, Croatia
Plitvice Lake in Croatia is UNESCO World Heritage from the year of 1979. The lake are consists of about 16 beautiful lakes and several small waterfalls in the surrounding. In order to make it easier to walk to those places, there are footpaths of 30 km long. The footpath is divided into 2, which are small path Plitvica (9 km) and small path Corkkovola Uyala (21 km). Information boards are set up there and for sure, you will be directed by tourism guide.

3Haiku Steps in Hawaii
Haiku Steps in Hawaii
Another world most beautiful footpath is located in one of states of United States, Hawaii. There is a footpath in the form of steps that often called steps to the heaven. You can imagine, this footpath with the most beautiful view in the world is located at O’ahu Island with the total steps of 3922 in the height of 2800 feet (850 meters).

Those are 3 Most Beautiful Footpaths in the World located in three different countries

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3 Most Beautiful Footpaths in the World

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